The question asked is: "Do your students get jobs?"

Here are some of the answers....

Our students find jobs with many different organisations. The list below is grouped by career type. The students listed here have all trained with us within the last few years. Most of these jobs are UK based - it is harder to keep track of our students who have jobs overseas.

If you are an ex-student and not on the list - let us know what you are doing.

  BBC World Service   Neil N .
  Channel 4 News   Amy M.
  BBC World Service   Kate A.
  BBC Children's website   Helen K.
  Corporate Communications   Melissa M.
  Freelance broadcast journalist   Femke I.
  Channel 4 Dispatches   Bobby P.
  ITV   Sarah C.
  Discovery Channel   Sue-May O.
  MTV   Daniel S.
  Reuters/BBC/IRN Africa Correspondent   Edward H.
  Gibraltar Broadcasting   James N.
  TV Production, Paris   Charles B.
  CNBC Europe, news co-ordinator   Florence V.
  Radio London   James M.
  Island FM Guernsey   Alexa R.
  Heart 106.2 FM   Thomas B.
  The Bear 102 FM   Pollyanna W.
  Radio presenter/producer, Ottawa   Sarah G.
  BBC, Russian service   Anna K.
  Sports Reporter, Crawley News   Sam M.
  Business Editor, Jewish Chronicle   Candice K.
  Richmond and Twickenham Times   Paul F.
  Fashion Writer, The Sun   Laura S.
  Subeditor, Sunday Post   Claire H.
  The Times   Alice O.
  Business Editor, Lancs Evening Post   Louise D.
  The Telegraph, Spain/Portugal correspondent   Fiona G.
  The Mirror, Cricket correspondent   Dean W.
  Bangla Mirrow   Ali I.
  Bay of Plenty Times, NZ   Joel F.
  China Daily   Xiaowei L.
  Asst. Editor, Arabian Travel News, Dubai   Adam D.
  Editor, Stuff Magazine, Dubai   Paddy S.
  Inside Out, Dubai   Hynam K.
  Diplomatic Correspondent, Turkey   Sevil K.
  Cayman Net News, editor   Paul C.
  Gulf News   Suzanne F.
  Arabian Travel News, assistant editor   Joe M.
  Free Features Business   Joanne H.
  South West News   Nicola S.
  South West News   Kim W.
  Adfero, reporter   Craig M.
  Court Agency, Dublin   Sorcha G.
  Subeditor, All Out (Cricket mag)   Charmeyne M.
  Apollo (Arts Magazine)   Isabel A.
  Online Editor, Business Traveller   Mark C.
  Canal Boat   Hal B.
  Dep. Features Editor, Caterer & Hotelkeeper   Emily M.
  Editor, Chocolate & Confectionery   Nick H.
  Classic Car Weekly   James P.
  Features Ed, Classic Guitar   Oliver M
  Subeditor, Empire Magazine   Nick de S.
  Fleet Street Publications   Robin M.
  Contrib. Editor, Golf Monthly   Fergus B.
  Features Writer, Golf Punk Mag.   Robert G
  Grazia   Emily M
  Grazia Lifestyle   Philip M.
  Health Service Journal   Frances C.
  Information Age   Pete S.
  Infrastructure Journal   Ila H.
  Media Week   Amanda L.
  Metal Bulletin   Clementine W.    
  Online Editor, Money Marketing   Paul M
  M8   Innes W.
  New Statesman   Sam A.
  Subeditor, Practical Motorhome   Ben D.
  Psychologies   Sarah N.
  Assistant Editor, Stamp magazine   Julia L.
  Red Pepper   Fernando V.
  Steel Business Briefing   Suzanne S.
  Time Out   Fiona S.
  TV Plus   Charlie G.
  Contract Publishing   Paul S.
  Financial Publishing   Laura M.
  EMR   Natalie T.
  Mortgage Strategy   Laura S.
  Broadcast Monthly   Will H.
  Amateur Photographer   Gemma P.
  Business Traveller, sub-editor   Jenny S.
  Global Pensions, reporter   Giovanni L.
  Informa Law Publisher   Vicky O.
  Industrial Minerals assistant editor   Kwok W.
  Merger Markets business journalist   Ed V.
  Mobile Choice, reviews editor   Danny B.
  Shooting Times, sub-editor   David M.
  Interiors Magazine, Cairo   Daniella B.
  Contract publishing, India   Anaita V.
  Trade magazine, Stockholm   Karin B.
  Lifestyle magazine, Nigeria   Yemi O.
  Freelance, PR etc.    
  Property and Interior Design   Natalie G.
  Entertainment News Press Diary   Leo O.
  Head of Press, Law Society   Melissa D.
  Freelance/PR   Zita S.
  Rugby Freelance   Jonathan L.
  Travel Freelance   Simon T.
  Travel PR   Richard M.
  Accountancy Freelance   Philip S.
  Food and Drink Freelance   Aisling B.
  MP's Press Office   Naomi C.
  Communication Manager, Haringey   Margaret L.
  Human Rights Watch Press Dept.   Rakiya F.
  Communications Dept. NICE   Sarah M. .
  Media relations officer   Penny H.
  Beauty PR   Alexandra B.
  Freelance   Sheridan B.
  Finanacial freelance   Robin M.
  Human Rights Watch press department   Rakiya F.
  Newsquest sub-editor   Anna B.
  Energy Editor, Bloomberg   Amanda J.
  Dep Editor, Foodnews   Robert S.
  Poker reporter   Malcolm W.
  Web Editor, Stanfords   James W.
  Journalist,   John A.
  Icis   Peter S. journalist   Salvatore L   Ian D. journalist   Salvatore L
  AsiaNews, Rome,editorial assistant   Claudia G.
  Korea IT Times, editor   Tim A.
  Culture website, France   Clemence C.
  Metromix Entertainments   Karen B.

Some recent employers of our students:

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